About CookAF

CookAF is a food and recipes website owned by Bammeke Oluwatobi. A venture that focuses on user generated content, videos, articles and recipes from all over the world, Cookaf Food carries the legacy in content and quality. It is a one stop destination for every foodie who is looking for latest food news, recipes based on various cuisines, dietary needs, ingredients, occasions and categories and videos teeming with engaging content.

With its ever growing readership, CookAF already unique users . From step by step recipes to visually appealing images, CookAF has everything a foodie is looking for. Features on latest food trends, food news, kitchen hacks and tips and videos that make recipes easy even for someone who is not a pro in the kitchen, make this website stand out. Based on calorie count, time taken in preparing a dish, ingredients and dietary requirements, you can make your own diet chart or weekly menu plan.